Wedding Planner Florence 

Over 25 years of experience and passion to grasp the essence of each customer.

We plan and coordinate every detail with extraordinary love, working hard from start to finish. The result will be an event full of personality and so gorgeous that your guests will not want to leave.

We select ONLY talented professionals for our safety and your satisfaction. Our positive spirit and self-confidence grow with every success.

Our partners are very important. We will make sure that each of them will fall in love with your dream, be excited and seek the best results for you.

We pursue excellence to earn your trust.

Wedding Planner Florence 


Elisabetta studied art, history, anthropology and poetry. After graduating in art history, she attended university courses of linguistic and cultural mediation in the tourism and hospitality sector. She continued her education and training with internships and professional courses, assisting companies and studying the territory and founded her own company, La Cerimonia Ricevimenti, in 1992, when the concept of wedding planner was not yet known in Italy, establishing herself as a “master of events”. Working for T.O. and international customers, she specialized in weddings and wedding services. Elisabetta selects suppliers and provides setups availing herself of renters, carpenters, sound and lighting engineers; she crafts complex events that require security and big special effects, planning wedding events that include several days of celebration, impeccably managing their timing and any surprise creations.


Our executive manager has been working in the organization of events for 30 years. He has always been convinced that the best way of running a restaurant business is to fall in love with it, and passion is the key to excellence. The same principles apply to the organization of private events. He has been working with chefs and opening restaurants that have earned Michelin stars: he has been supporting Italian and foreign restaurant entrepreneurs in their start-up phases, organizing events for major companies and public figures, anticipating the latest trends. He selects the waiters, training a cordial and very good-looking professional team. He personally oversees the menu, always working with top-level chefs. Wedding Planner Florence 




Our goal is to fulfil your imagination.

We will begin with an interview to get to know you. Then, with our ideas and unexpected interpretation of your requirements, we will be the energetic and passionate creators of your original, magical moments.

We take care of everything from venue design and layout to logistics, communication and reception, staff, clothing, bars, special corners, flower arrangements, lighting, gardening, music, food and service – every detail will be handled with the utmost professionalism and dedication.

We will ensure that your wishes are met. Whether we are planning an intimate party for 50 or a major event for 500, we will strive to provide you with a memorable experience.

Our team will take care of all of your five senses.

In detail:

  • Development of the global vision of the event with sketches, layouts
  • Integration in all aspects, design, graphics, food, music, photos, flowers, etc.
  • Tensile structures
  • Lighting technique and design
  • Rental of furniture, bespoke fixtures and decorations, lounges, bars, banquettes, dining tables
  • Fabrics, upholstery, linen and accessories
  • Selection of suppliers and staff for hospitality and accommodation, management of contracts
  • Budget planning and management
  • Graphic design management
  • On-site coordination and supervision during the entire event
  • Post event activities

Our chef partners will provide the culinary delights you will savour

Our EXECUTIVE EVENT MANAGER AND FOOD Consultant will apply the principles of haute cuisine to the concept of “restaurant service anywhere.” He will set up a different team each time according to your favourite location, to flawlessly serve you dishes of an outstanding quality. Your guests will always want to return.